Office cleaning

Quick Tips On Office Cleaning

Here are a few quick pointers on how to be effective in your office cleaning.

First, when cleaning desks, simply use a damp rag (preferably a microfiber cloth), with a mild high quality neutral cleaning solution (preferably one that ecologically preferable). If you’re cleaning tight corners, you may wish to have a “Q-tip” handy, as they can be a nice aid in reaching those hared to get places.

With office cleaning, always be sure to dust all surfaces, including cubicle partitions, and tops, as well as both the tops and undersides of chairs.

When you’re faced with cleaning stains, be they ink, coffee, soft drink or other, be sure to take the time to research the proper cleaning solution to use, as rarely does one cleaning solution solve all problems.

One thing that most professional janitorial companies do, is to be sure that all telephone mouthpieces, earpieces, headphones, computer-mouse are gently wiped down, or sprayed with an effective sanitizing solution.

Lastly, the cleaning of office pictures, frames and bookshelves are often over looked, and it’s important that they be dusted regularly. Finishing, all trash must be emptied and removed from the premises, carpets thoroughly vacuumed, and all hard surfaced floors both dusted and mopped, again with a high grade commercial neutral cleaning solution.

For more information on office cleaning, you may wish to go to, which is a site that contains a lot of additional information on commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

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Phoenix Commercial Cleaning

Janitorial Services In Phoenix AZ

Commercial cleaning phoenix is a common phrase that describes janitorial services available in Phoenix, AZ. A Commercial cleaning service refers to cleaning services for business and commercial enterprises, which differentiates them from the businesses that provide housekeeping services. Commercial janitorial services include both office cleaning and the cleaning of commercial businesses, such as hospitals, school, warehouses, restaurants, retail shops, parking lots and manufacturing facilities. Commercial cleaning services also include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, restroom cleaning, pressure washing, and much more.

Some Janitorial services are divisions of franchises, and these businesses actually contract with customers for cleaning services, and then turn around and “resell” that same contract to a sub-franchisee. Because the process involves paying the franchisor a package fee for the cleaning accounts that are being offered, it usually makes it financially impossible for sub-franchisees to be profitable, not just because of the initial cost for obtaining the cleaning contract, but because they must also continuously pay management, advertising and royalty fees.

A much better solution for business owners is to find a family owned commercial cleaning business that is experienced, and selects highly trained cleaning specialist that best fit the needs of the business. Even more important, and is something that’s often hard to learn about unless asked, is to find a janitorial company that compensates the actual cleaning teams in a fair manor. The basic principle is that if the people that are doing the actual cleaning, aren’t compensated enough for them to actually spend the time necessary to get the facility cleaned, then the customer will never be truly satisfied with the quality of the service.

Another important issue is the price that the business owner pays for their restroom supplies, as many janitorial companies will put an inordinately large markup on these products. When a commercial cleaning company is being paid for their cleaning services, it’s only fair that they pass along the best possible prices for any additional products purchased by the customer.

Lastly, determining the combination of the best possible price for cleaning services, versus what services are to be included, is the real key to establishing a strong, and long lasting, relationship with a phoenix commercial cleaning service. SolSource Property Service is phoenix Arizona’s best solution for commercial cleaning, and commercial janitorial services.

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Why Hire a Professional Business Cleaning Service

Reasons why Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service is Essential for your Business

Small or large, most every business requires a commercial janitorial service in order to successfully maintain their business in a reliably clean fashion. Maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace is important not only for clients, but for the staff working there. Most of the time, it’s totally inefficient for employees to clean their own workplace, simply because of their own priority tasks and because commercial cleaning requires professional training and supplies.

Impress Potential and Current Clients

It is always impressive to have a clean, and aesthetically pleasing business environment. Customers and employees alike always appreciate having a clean and neat environment. No one likes a chaotic, and dirty, workplace. If you are dealing with clients in your workplace, you can be sure that you will get a bad reputation, and your credibility will be tainted, if a business maintains an unkempt environment. Impressing clients, and exuding a positive aura to them, by having a clean and sound environment, is definitely essential. A clean environment speaks positively to everyone.

Health and Hygiene of your Employees

Hiring a commercial janitorial service ensures that everyone optimal working conditions. When you have a clean environment, you also promote better health for everyone who enters that business environment. This is reflected physically, and mentally, on the performance of your employees, and the comfort of customers.

When you promote a clean environment, you can expect better physical and mental health for your employees, plus it helps to reduce stress, diseases and illnesses from occurring in the office. Employees and customers are more focused, less distracted and of course happier.

Saves Time and Money

A professional commercial cleaning service can help you save money, and time, as it eliminates the requirement hiring, training and supervising a cleaning staff that is operating outside of your normal core business. A professional janitorial service is made up of experts in cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in offices and businesses.  It’s just a matter of deciding what services are desired, and then giving instructions as to where and when to clean; that’s it. You professional janitorial company will do the job to your satisfaction and without your supervision. This means more time, and money, saved on your part.

Also keep in mind that by hiring a professional floor cleaning, and polishing, service your business definitely receives additional benefits. Professional waxing and buffing is definitely a great idea for every business. These are just a few of the reasons, for consulting a professional commercial cleaning, or janitorial, service is in the best interest of your business.

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Benefits of Having a Clean Business

Benefits of a Clean Business

Working in a clean environment definitely has its perks and advantages to everyone in the workplace. Not only will this a positive atmosphere for clients, customers and employees, but it also creates a better working environment for employees and is likely to improve overall work efficiency. No matter what the industry is, it’s important to have a commercial janitorial company that will maintain a clean environment, and here are a few reasons to show why commercial office cleaning, and commercial business cleaning, is important for every industry.

Aesthetic Purposes

The most obvious reason for maintaining cleanliness in the workplace important is to create a pleasant environment. This is vital to the success of any business because people often judge a business by its first impression, and how it appeals to them physically. Many businesses employ strategies where hygiene and cleanliness are highly emphasized as they see it part of their image and company branding.

Health Reasons

Two of the largest costs for businesses are (1) employee lost time due to illness, and (2) employee turnover.  By maintaining a truly clean work place, including overall cleanliness, effectively sanitized restrooms, and clean “break areas” (especially where food may be involved), employers have an effective means for improving employee wellness and employee retention.  It is a well-established fact that employee retention is affected positively when employees are happy and comfortable in their workplace. Experienced companies have learned that having a top quality commercial cleaning service, one that provides all the necessary janitorial services in a professional manor, the over all result is improved productivity and efficiency.

Company Morale and Attitude

One key reason for maintaining high quality business cleaning standards is that it can help to boost everyone’s over all attitudes, and their enthusiasm for the business. As they say, enthusiasm always sells, and when this attitude is fostered through excellence in business cleaning, it’s the same a “money in the bank” for businesses.


Having a clean, healthy and inviting business environment are important to every business that is looking to improve overall productivity. The very best way to achieve this goal is to utilize a reliable, experienced and fair priced professional commercial cleaning company. Not only does this allow other employees to not have to take the time away from their productive work to do cleaning (something that they hate to do), it insures that issues like restroom cleanliness, and other important janitorial issues, are handled in a timely and efficient manor.

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The Difference & Benefits – Soap and Detergent

When it comes to cleaning, people often question the use of use soap verses the use of detergents. It is true that both soap and detergent can help kill germs and bacteria, though antibacterial ingredients are more often added to detergents.  People often do not realize that there is actually a great deal of difference between the two, and there is a proper time and place for each.  Each product has its own benefits and advantages, with detergent being more generally useful in commercial cleaning, floor cleaning, and laundry, with soap being more normally used for the more delicate applications like face cleaning and laundering delicate items. 

Soap and detergent are actually two very different kinds of products, in that one is organic in nature (soap) and the other (detergent) is synthetic; but, this in itself, does not necessarily make one better than the other.

Technically, soap is sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids, and today is mostly used for cleaning human skin, but in the past was used for many other cleaning purposes, too.   Detergents, on the other hand, are chemically synthesized products specifically designed for specific types of cleaning.  It is generally accepted that soap is gentler to human skin, but in fact both detergents and soaps can be harmful to skin (but are not always), and neither of them will kill, or remove, 100% of all bacteria.  For this reason, in commercial cleaning, (janitorial), specifically designed solutions (that often include germicides) are used to insure bacteria free results in medically sensitive areas.

Other differences exist too, other than the simple fact that soaps are made from fat and alkali materials, while detergents are made from non-alkaline carbon based compounds. Soaps are typically more affordable than detergents, and are usually not used for clothes as they might damage the fabric. Detergent on the other hand, can suitably clean delicate clothes, and maintain softness of the fabric. Some studies have shown that soaps clean better when used in conjunction with hot water, but that detergents can clean equally well in both hot and cold waters. Hard water (water containing a lot of minerals) makes it hard for soaps to lather, and to be able to clean effectively, but detergents easily lather in hard water, and can still clean very well. Lastly, soaps tend to use more water when rinsing, and detergents can be rinsed efficiently with a less water.

Benefits of Using Soap

One benefit of soap is that it is usually much better for those people who have sensitive skin. Soaps are not that harsh to the skin as detergents, so soap is more often a better choice for cleaning, for those who wish to protect their skin when cleaning. And, as mentioned above, soaps are often cheaper.

Benefits of Using Detergent

There are also plenty of benefits in using detergent when cleaning that should also be considered. Detergents are more effective in removing stains, and they can be used regardless of the temperature of the water. Detergents are particularly useful for cleaning, floor mopping, and virtually every type of janitorial application; detergents can also be useful for absorbing (and disbursing) such things as oil spills.

Determining which product is best to use for janitorial applications, office cleaning, restaurant cleaning and other commercial cleaning applications, is best left to your janitorial professional, who not only has a wide breadth of knowledge, but also a vast number of specialized products at their easy disposal.

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Arizona Dust and Its Removal

Dust is everywhere, and in Arizona that’s an understatement.  Actually, dust comes from dry areas where winds are able to remove the microscopic top layer of particles from field, roads and elsewhere.  Vehicle traffic, construction activates and even animal all add to the dust in the air.

The issue, of course, isn’t the fact that dust exists in the atmosphere, it’s that dust has seemingly unlimited ways of getting itself on surfaces where it is unwelcome, both in homes and in businesses.  As a commercial cleaning (janitorial) company removing dust effectively is an important part of our duties.  Dust isn’t just unwelcome because it’s unattractive and generally dirty, but because dust also brings with it certain health hazards that we’d like to all avoid.

When it comes to removing dust, there are two basic methods used.

(1)   Dusting. Basically dusting is the removal of dust from those flat surfaces where dust collects, including the floor.  In years past “feather dusters” were often utilized, as were cotton dust cloths, both of which are notorious for doing nothing more that moving the dust around to another place.  In today’s commercial cleaning world microfiber dust cloths, and dust mops, are now the preferred dust removal method as their microscopic fibers have the ability to actually grab hold of the dust particles, and removing them completely.  The addition of using either a high quality dusting spray, of simply some moisture to the microfiber cloths improves effectiveness even further.

(2)   Vacuuming. Dust also settles onto, and into, carpeted floors and upholstered furniture, and naturally vacuuming is the best regular maintenance method for removing that dust. In years past most vacuums removed some of the dust, but they also just moved much of the dust around, as the filtering systems on those vacuums were not as advanced as today’s commercial vacuums. Most, but not all, commercial vacuums in use to day are back-pack style vacuums, and virtually all of today’s commercial vacuums remove 99% of all dust. Many of the commercial vacuums in use today are even more efficient; these vacuums use filters called HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters.  To qualify as HEPA, by US government standards, an air filter must remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometer, from the air that passes through.

At SolSource Property Services, we work hard to be sure that the best, and most up to date, cleaning methods and equipment is utilized for each and every job.  We are proud of the quality of the work we do, that why our slogan is, “We Deliver Excellence”.

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Having Clean Restrooms is Important

Restroom Cleaning

As an experienced provider of commercial cleaning services (janitorial) through out the Phoenix Arizona metro area, we know that when a prospective new customer calls us, that getting clean, sanitized and odor free restrooms is the number one cleaning issue on their mind.  That’s a truism that stretches beyond the boundaries that reach from Glendale to Mesa or from Chandler to Scottsdale; this is not just an issue for Phoenix, it’s a commercial cleaning issue everywhere.

So let’s get right to it, as we’ve said, achieving clean, odor free, restrooms is one of the biggest cleaning priorities for every commercial business facility.  A dirty restroom, or one with lingering odors, can be a big turn-off for both customers and employees alike; conversely clean, odor free restrooms will automatically make a strong positive impact on everyone.  This. Of course is only the outward impact of clean restrooms, of more importance is the maintenance of fully sanitized restroom areas, which reduces the chance for the spread of possible disease.  Needless to say, this is of great importance to everyone.

At SolSource Property Services, as a professional commercial cleaning and janitorial company, we’ve learned that there are a number of important keys to the maintenance of clean restrooms, and it’s important that each and every one is handled correctly.  To better understand the restroom cleaning process, let’s examining each of these areas more closely.

Cleaning Methods:

Much of restroom cleaning is the process of wiping areas down, to clean them.  In doing that nothing is more important than the use of separately colored microfiber cloths, each dedicated to a special purpose, so as to eliminate cross contamination.  For example you’d never want to have your sinks cleaned with the same cloth used on the toilets and urinals, nor the cloths used for either sink or toilets, be used for wiping down walls and partitions.  Door handles also need a separate sanitizing method, as that a major key to the reduction of the spreading of germs.  SolSource Property Services uses separate dedicated cloth colors for each cleaning function, which makes it easy to see that the right cloth is being used, by workers and supervisors alike.

Cleaning Solutions:

In recent years there has been much talk about “Green Cleaning”, and rightly so, protecting our environment for future generations is very important.  At SolSource we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our commercial janitorial cleaning services are environmentally friendly, and EPA compliant. That is why we only use biodegradable and non-hazardous cleaning products when cleaning restrooms, and all other areas for that matter.  We spend a great deal of attention on the product selection used by our crews, not only for their environmentally friendly qualities, but because in Arizona, we have a somewhat special problem, too.  Often commercial offices, and buildings, have energy saving systems that allow temperatures to climb during non-business hours, which in turn can create an environment that can be very germ, and odor, friendly.  SolSource works very hard to be sure that cleaning solutions used by our crews, have powerful long-term effectiveness, which discourage the growth of germs, and we insist that the “Green Cleaning” qualities desired by our customers, are met at all times.

Attention to detail:

There are the obvious areas in restrooms that require special detail, i.e. urinals, toilets, washbasins, mirrors and the areas around them.  SolSource is proud of our reputation of paying close attention to kinds of details in our commercial cleaning and janitorial business.  But, one of the most often overlooked areas in restrooms is the floor.  Of course the floor needs to be thoroughly mopped, and sanitized, on a regular schedule, but more than that restroom floors have two additional issues.

First, when there is a ceramic tile floor, there’s the issue of the grout; dirty grout, with its porous texture, is a wonderful breading ground for germs, and because of this, special attention to grout cleaning and sealing is always recommended on a regular basis.

Second, the overall appearance of the restroom floor has the ability of creating a perception of cleanliness, or not; this is true even if the floor is completely sanitized.  As is often said, perception is reality, and for commercial businesses interested in having happy customers and employees, SolSource Property Services strongly recommends a regular hard floor maintenance program that insures a sharp looking floor with luster, on a continuing basis.

Cleaning Schedule:

How often restrooms are cleaned is extremely important; of course the restroom traffic, or usage is an important factor, but so is the period of time between cleans, simply because of the potential for the growth of bacteria.  Cleaning restrooms every day, or in some cases even multiple times a day, is ideal. For some business, however, it just isn’t something that makes economic business sense.  For this reason, SolSource Property Services works with every customer to develop customized cleaning schedules that fit their requirements.  Many customers, for example, have a schedule for complete office cleaning (or business cleaning) that is less often than their schedule for restroom cleaning.  SolSource prides itself in creating customized cleaning schedules that fit every cleaning need, and fit every cleaning budget.

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Cleaning Business and Office Carpets Properly

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning of commercial carpets, generally falls into three main categories; (1) Hot water extraction, (2) bonnet cleaning, and (3) encapsulation.  Although the commercial carpet cleaning processes are similar to those used for residential carpet cleaning, the business approach is somewhat different.  Generally speaking, residences are smaller in size, have numerous separate rooms and considerable furniture that needs to be moved.  Additionally, commercial carpet tends to be more durable and contain shorter and tighter pile, which tends to allow for a faster cleaning process some.  Because of these factors, and the fact that all commercial cleaning, including commercial carpet cleaning, is most often done in non-business hours, it tends allow commercial carpet cleaning to have a lower price per square foot, than residential cleaning.

Hot water extraction is the carpet cleaning method most often recommended by most quality carpet manufacturers so we’ll cover that method first, but for certain situations, other carpet cleaning methods may be a more effective choice. There are many reasons for cleaning commercial carpets regularly: (1) it will extend the life of the carpets to have them cleaned regularly.  This is because the small dirt particles that get embedded in the carpet fibers rub together, and prematurely wear out the carpet fibers, (2) Clean carpets maintain a better looking business environment, which is good for both customer and employee morale, and (3) Clean carpets offer a substantial health benefit, as dust, pollen and germs tend to hide within dirty carpets.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is the proper term for what is commonly referred to a “steam cleaning”. From a purely technical perspective there really is no such thing as steam carpet cleaning.  Never the less, it is very important to use very hot water when cleaning carpets with this method, as hot water is the most powerful working part of the process.  Simply put, the hot water extraction process is a process cleans carpets by: (1) Applying a pre-spray cleaning solution thoroughly to the carpet, and (2) With a tool called a carpet cleaning wand capable of spraying very hot water into the carpet, and then in turn is used to suck water, and dirt, back out of the carpet with the use of a very powerful suction machine.  The wand not only supplies the hot water and suction, but by firmly pressing the wand down onto the carpet, and moving it across the carpet, the dirt and grease particles are agitated loose, and are easily removed by the powerful suction.  In more severe situations, additional equipment is sometimes used, which utilizes motorized circularly rotating brushes to more aggressively agitate the dirt particle loose.

The actual extraction of the water/dirt solution is by far the most important part of this process, and since the hot-water extraction method is most effective when it utilizes very hot water, and very powerful suction, powerful equipment is required to clean carpets properly.  Some commercial cleaning contractors will try to utilize “portable extraction units”, but these small unites rely on the electrical service from the customer’s facility for both the heat, and the suction, which is usually only 110 volts with normal amperage, not nearly enough to supply a continuous supply of hot water for a normal commercial carpet cleaning job.  Although this type of portable unit may not be suitable for a full commercial carpet cleaning job, it may be useful for certain small spot cleaning tasks.  The better choice for the hot water extraction process is the truck, or trailer, mounted extraction unit.  These units not only have very powerful suction devices that allow for very long hose length without the loss of effectiveness, they also have independent water heating devices capable of producing a continuous supply of near boiling hot water.


Bonnet carpet cleaning is often used in very large, high traffic areas that require continuous carpet cleaning maintenance. Bonnet cleaning is an old janitorial stand-by, and can also be useful in otherwise inaccessible locations, as it does not require a source of hot water that the extraction process requires.  With the Bonnet carpet cleaning process, a pre-spray of carpet cleaning solution is applied onto the carpet surface, and then a floor-cleaning machine, with a special absorbent bonnet-cleaning pad, is utilized to scrub the mixture with rotating motion. The absorbent pad rotation of the bonnet-cleaning pad agitates, and loosens, dirt particles in the carpet, which are then attracted to, and absorbed into, the pad. The bonnet carpet cleaning method is not strictly a dry-cleaning method, but it does have the advantage of requiring far less drying time than does the hot water extraction method, and there are little, or no, “wicking” issues, something that can occur when you have nasty deep stains imbedded in carpets, and those stains creep back up the carpet fibers as it dries.

In the opinion of most commercial cleaning professionals, the bonnet carpet cleaning method is less desirable than the hot water extraction method, but it does have some advantages, as stated above.  One additional disadvantage to the bonnet carpet cleaning method is that it lacks hot water and strong suction, both of which are more effective in removing germs, and other unwanted material.


About 20 years ago, new polymers became available that were capable of literally encapsulating (crystallizing) soil particles into dry residues upon contact.  That discovery is the basis for the new carpet cleaning method, referred to as encapsulation.  In many respects that new technology created a new sub-industry, within the carpet cleaning business.


Think of the encapsulation process as being like spreading “tiny sponges” onto the carpet, which then dissolve and absorb dirt particles, and then quickly crystallize in a fashion that the carpet soils can now actually be just vacuumed up and removed. Although that explanation sounds simple, the actual commercial process involves the proper application of a special solution, applied by rotary machine with a brush applicator and/or a compression sprayer. Dry residue can be vacuumed immediately, either with a separate machine, or with a built-in cleaning-system machine. It could be said that the encapsulation method is just a modern sophisticated the bonnet cleaning process, but actually it’s different, and most professionals feel that it’s far superior to bonnet cleaning, though typically more expensive too. According to cleaning industry specialists, evidence suggests that encapsulation provides improved carpet appearance, is a favorable method for high-traffic needs, can easily be utilized in otherwise inaccessible areas, and has even less carpet drying issues than bonnet cleaning. For the encapsulation method to be properly utilized in commercial applications, proper training and proper equipment are both important; and, not all commercial carpet cleaners (or residential for that matter), are set up to utilize this process.

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It seems to me that there is no one, perfect hard floor maintenance program, as every floor receives different usage, and for the most part we are talking here about Vinyl Composition Tile, or as it’s better know VCT. Procedures should be kept flexible enough for varying conditions.  The most important thing is that the procedures be performed correctly and achieve the desired results.


Stripping and Refinishing

The question that most often comes up is whether it’s really necessary to strip and refinish floors, or weather a good scrubbing and recoating will be sufficient.  In that the complete stripping, and refinishing of a floor costs in the area of nearly double a scrub and recoat, it’s important to understand the difference, and when each is needed.

When you completely strip a floor, a special striping chemical is used in conjunction with a low-speed floor machine using a course scrubbing pad, in order to completely remove all of the old surface finish.  Once the floor has been completely stripped, rinsed, and the Ph is neutralized, new floor finish is applied, allowing it to dry between coats.  Usually at least four coats of new finish are applied, sometimes more, to the freshly stripped and cleaned floor.  When finished, the floor will have a lustrous sheen, and will have new durability.

The alternative to doing a strip and recoat is to do a scrub and recoat, but that is only a viable alternative if, (1) the existing floor finish is not warn through to the underlying floor, or (2) if the existing floor finish is not so old that it has either started to yellow or (3) if prior scrub and recoat applications hasn’t left the existing finish with too many layers to be able to restore it to its original luster.  With the scrub and recoat process the floor is scrubbed using a low-speed floor machine with a medium to fine scrubbing pad, (no stripping chemical is used in this process).  This process removes the top layer of existing floor finish, which is the layer that is now contains small scratches caused by wear, as well as small and embedded dirt particles.  Once the existing floor finish has been prepared in this fashion, new floor finish is now applied, usually about two coats.  The scrub and recoat process is less expensive than the strip and recoat process because it takes less time, no stripping chemicals and less floor finish.

Unfortunately, in the commercial cleaning, or janitorial, industry some unscrupulous companies try to sell customers on doing a strip and recoat, when all that is really needed is the less expensive scrub and recoat.  And, even more unscrupulously, some companies will sell a strip and recoat, and actually only perform the less expensive scrub and recoat; this, of course, is why it’s so important to know your janitorial contractor, their performance record and their business ethics.


High Speed Burnish/Scrubbing and Recoating

The short-term, or interim, alternative to the floor refinishing methods previously mentioned is to buff, or burnish, the existing floor finish.  This is an excellent method to maintain good looking lustrous floors, but it’s only an interim floor maintenance step, not a replacement for the aforementioned floor refinishing methods. When an existing hard surfaced floor (VCT or other similar floors) is buffed, or burnished, first the floor is thoroughly mopped clean.  Then with high-speed floor machine, and a fine buffing pad, the floor is buffed to a new high sheen.  The fine high-speed pad not only removes a micro-layer of finish, the heat created from the high-speed process also remolds the very top of the floor finish to an ultra smooth surface.  Unfortunately, this process has it limits, as after regular buffing, or burnishing, the floor must again receive new finish, via one of the above two application processes.

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Why Microfiber is Important


In the commercial cleaning (janitorial) industry, microfiber mops have become an important tool for cleaning hard surfaced floors.  Microfiber mops consist of a lightweight handle with a very maneuverable flat rectangular head; a specially designed microfiber cleaning pad attaches to the mop head with Velcro. Typically, clean microfiber pads are first soaked in a cleaning solution, and changed as they become soiled. In general the process is to take a clean soaked cloth, wring it out (usually by hand), then placed flat on the floor so that the velcro mop head connects; the mop, with a newly soaked pad, is now ready for use.

There are reasons why microfiber mopping is an effective mopping technique

Microfiber is very strong, and has thousands of microscopic fiber “hooks” that make the fabric absorbent, and a very effective cleaning tool.  The mop will hold all of the water necessary for effective cleaning, and when done properly, will not drip. When the pad is soiled, it is simply changed, eliminating the age old janitorial “scourge” of a mop bucket containing dirty mop water, that’s destine to keep floors dirty, even after being mopped.

Another benefit is that microfibers have a “positive charge” that tends to attract dust, and dirt particles, which makes a dry, or damp, microfiber mop an excellent floor sweeping tool.

Ease of Use

In commercial cleaning, the cost of labor is the greatest single cost, so truly, time is money. The nice thing about microfiber mopping is that it completely eliminates rinsing, and wringing, a heavy loop mop (and the dirty mop water that goes along with that). Because of this, microfiber mops not only produce a cleaner product for the customer, it also allows SolSource Property Services to lower costs, and pass on the most competitive prices possible to customers.

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