Why Microfiber is Important


In the commercial cleaning (janitorial) industry, microfiber mops have become an important tool for cleaning hard surfaced floors.  Microfiber mops consist of a lightweight handle with a very maneuverable flat rectangular head; a specially designed microfiber cleaning pad attaches to the mop head with Velcro. Typically, clean microfiber pads are first soaked in a cleaning solution, and changed as they become soiled. In general the process is to take a clean soaked cloth, wring it out (usually by hand), then placed flat on the floor so that the velcro mop head connects; the mop, with a newly soaked pad, is now ready for use.

There are reasons why microfiber mopping is an effective mopping technique

Microfiber is very strong, and has thousands of microscopic fiber “hooks” that make the fabric absorbent, and a very effective cleaning tool. ¬†The mop will hold all of the water necessary for effective cleaning, and when done properly, will not drip. When the pad is soiled, it is simply changed, eliminating the age old janitorial “scourge” of a mop bucket containing dirty mop water, that’s destine to keep floors dirty, even after being mopped.

Another benefit is that microfibers have a “positive charge” that tends to attract dust, and dirt particles, which makes a dry, or damp, microfiber mop an excellent floor sweeping tool.

Ease of Use

In commercial cleaning, the cost of labor is the greatest single cost, so truly, time is money. The nice thing about microfiber mopping is that it completely eliminates rinsing, and wringing, a heavy loop mop (and the dirty mop water that goes along with that). Because of this, microfiber mops not only produce a cleaner product for the customer, it also allows SolSource Property Services to lower costs, and pass on the most competitive prices possible to customers.

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