Having Clean Restrooms is Important

Restroom Cleaning

As an experienced provider of commercial cleaning services (janitorial) through out the Phoenix Arizona metro area, we know that when a prospective new customer calls us, that getting clean, sanitized and odor free restrooms is the number one cleaning issue on their mind.  That’s a truism that stretches beyond the boundaries that reach from Glendale to Mesa or from Chandler to Scottsdale; this is not just an issue for Phoenix, it’s a commercial cleaning issue everywhere.

So let’s get right to it, as we’ve said, achieving clean, odor free, restrooms is one of the biggest cleaning priorities for every commercial business facility.  A dirty restroom, or one with lingering odors, can be a big turn-off for both customers and employees alike; conversely clean, odor free restrooms will automatically make a strong positive impact on everyone.  This. Of course is only the outward impact of clean restrooms, of more importance is the maintenance of fully sanitized restroom areas, which reduces the chance for the spread of possible disease.  Needless to say, this is of great importance to everyone.

At SolSource Property Services, as a professional commercial cleaning and janitorial company, we’ve learned that there are a number of important keys to the maintenance of clean restrooms, and it’s important that each and every one is handled correctly.  To better understand the restroom cleaning process, let’s examining each of these areas more closely.

Cleaning Methods:

Much of restroom cleaning is the process of wiping areas down, to clean them.  In doing that nothing is more important than the use of separately colored microfiber cloths, each dedicated to a special purpose, so as to eliminate cross contamination.  For example you’d never want to have your sinks cleaned with the same cloth used on the toilets and urinals, nor the cloths used for either sink or toilets, be used for wiping down walls and partitions.  Door handles also need a separate sanitizing method, as that a major key to the reduction of the spreading of germs.  SolSource Property Services uses separate dedicated cloth colors for each cleaning function, which makes it easy to see that the right cloth is being used, by workers and supervisors alike.

Cleaning Solutions:

In recent years there has been much talk about “Green Cleaning”, and rightly so, protecting our environment for future generations is very important.  At SolSource we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our commercial janitorial cleaning services are environmentally friendly, and EPA compliant. That is why we only use biodegradable and non-hazardous cleaning products when cleaning restrooms, and all other areas for that matter.  We spend a great deal of attention on the product selection used by our crews, not only for their environmentally friendly qualities, but because in Arizona, we have a somewhat special problem, too.  Often commercial offices, and buildings, have energy saving systems that allow temperatures to climb during non-business hours, which in turn can create an environment that can be very germ, and odor, friendly.  SolSource works very hard to be sure that cleaning solutions used by our crews, have powerful long-term effectiveness, which discourage the growth of germs, and we insist that the “Green Cleaning” qualities desired by our customers, are met at all times.

Attention to detail:

There are the obvious areas in restrooms that require special detail, i.e. urinals, toilets, washbasins, mirrors and the areas around them.  SolSource is proud of our reputation of paying close attention to kinds of details in our commercial cleaning and janitorial business.  But, one of the most often overlooked areas in restrooms is the floor.  Of course the floor needs to be thoroughly mopped, and sanitized, on a regular schedule, but more than that restroom floors have two additional issues.

First, when there is a ceramic tile floor, there’s the issue of the grout; dirty grout, with its porous texture, is a wonderful breading ground for germs, and because of this, special attention to grout cleaning and sealing is always recommended on a regular basis.

Second, the overall appearance of the restroom floor has the ability of creating a perception of cleanliness, or not; this is true even if the floor is completely sanitized.  As is often said, perception is reality, and for commercial businesses interested in having happy customers and employees, SolSource Property Services strongly recommends a regular hard floor maintenance program that insures a sharp looking floor with luster, on a continuing basis.

Cleaning Schedule:

How often restrooms are cleaned is extremely important; of course the restroom traffic, or usage is an important factor, but so is the period of time between cleans, simply because of the potential for the growth of bacteria.  Cleaning restrooms every day, or in some cases even multiple times a day, is ideal. For some business, however, it just isn’t something that makes economic business sense.  For this reason, SolSource Property Services works with every customer to develop customized cleaning schedules that fit their requirements.  Many customers, for example, have a schedule for complete office cleaning (or business cleaning) that is less often than their schedule for restroom cleaning.  SolSource prides itself in creating customized cleaning schedules that fit every cleaning need, and fit every cleaning budget.

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