Arizona Dust and Its Removal

Dust is everywhere, and in Arizona that’s an understatement.  Actually, dust comes from dry areas where winds are able to remove the microscopic top layer of particles from field, roads and elsewhere.  Vehicle traffic, construction activates and even animal all add to the dust in the air.

The issue, of course, isn’t the fact that dust exists in the atmosphere, it’s that dust has seemingly unlimited ways of getting itself on surfaces where it is unwelcome, both in homes and in businesses.  As a commercial cleaning (janitorial) company removing dust effectively is an important part of our duties.  Dust isn’t just unwelcome because it’s unattractive and generally dirty, but because dust also brings with it certain health hazards that we’d like to all avoid.

When it comes to removing dust, there are two basic methods used.

(1)   Dusting. Basically dusting is the removal of dust from those flat surfaces where dust collects, including the floor.  In years past “feather dusters” were often utilized, as were cotton dust cloths, both of which are notorious for doing nothing more that moving the dust around to another place.  In today’s commercial cleaning world microfiber dust cloths, and dust mops, are now the preferred dust removal method as their microscopic fibers have the ability to actually grab hold of the dust particles, and removing them completely.  The addition of using either a high quality dusting spray, of simply some moisture to the microfiber cloths improves effectiveness even further.

(2)   Vacuuming. Dust also settles onto, and into, carpeted floors and upholstered furniture, and naturally vacuuming is the best regular maintenance method for removing that dust. In years past most vacuums removed some of the dust, but they also just moved much of the dust around, as the filtering systems on those vacuums were not as advanced as today’s commercial vacuums. Most, but not all, commercial vacuums in use to day are back-pack style vacuums, and virtually all of today’s commercial vacuums remove 99% of all dust. Many of the commercial vacuums in use today are even more efficient; these vacuums use filters called HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters.  To qualify as HEPA, by US government standards, an air filter must remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometer, from the air that passes through.

At SolSource Property Services, we work hard to be sure that the best, and most up to date, cleaning methods and equipment is utilized for each and every job.  We are proud of the quality of the work we do, that why our slogan is, “We Deliver Excellence”.

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