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Janitorial Services In Phoenix AZ

Commercial cleaning phoenix is a common phrase that describes janitorial services available in Phoenix, AZ. A Commercial cleaning service refers to cleaning services for business and commercial enterprises, which differentiates them from the businesses that provide housekeeping services. Commercial janitorial services include both office cleaning and the cleaning of commercial businesses, such as hospitals, school, warehouses, restaurants, retail shops, parking lots and manufacturing facilities. Commercial cleaning services also include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, restroom cleaning, pressure washing, and much more.

Some Janitorial services are divisions of franchises, and these businesses actually contract with customers for cleaning services, and then turn around and “resell” that same contract to a sub-franchisee. Because the process involves paying the franchisor a package fee for the cleaning accounts that are being offered, it usually makes it financially impossible for sub-franchisees to be profitable, not just because of the initial cost for obtaining the cleaning contract, but because they must also continuously pay management, advertising and royalty fees.

A much better solution for business owners is to find a family owned commercial cleaning business that is experienced, and selects highly trained cleaning specialist that best fit the needs of the business. Even more important, and is something that’s often hard to learn about unless asked, is to find a janitorial company that compensates the actual cleaning teams in a fair manor. The basic principle is that if the people that are doing the actual cleaning, aren’t compensated enough for them to actually spend the time necessary to get the facility cleaned, then the customer will never be truly satisfied with the quality of the service.

Another important issue is the price that the business owner pays for their restroom supplies, as many janitorial companies will put an inordinately large markup on these products. When a commercial cleaning company is being paid for their cleaning services, it’s only fair that they pass along the best possible prices for any additional products purchased by the customer.

Lastly, determining the combination of the best possible price for cleaning services, versus what services are to be included, is the real key to establishing a strong, and long lasting, relationship with a phoenix commercial cleaning service. SolSource Property Service is phoenix Arizona’s best solution for commercial cleaning, and commercial janitorial services.

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