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Quick Tips On Office Cleaning

Here are a few quick pointers on how to be effective in your office cleaning.

First, when cleaning desks, simply use a damp rag (preferably a microfiber cloth), with a mild high quality neutral cleaning solution (preferably one that ecologically preferable). If you’re cleaning tight corners, you may wish to have a “Q-tip” handy, as they can be a nice aid in reaching those hared to get places.

With office cleaning, always be sure to dust all surfaces, including cubicle partitions, and tops, as well as both the tops and undersides of chairs.

When you’re faced with cleaning stains, be they ink, coffee, soft drink or other, be sure to take the time to research the proper cleaning solution to use, as rarely does one cleaning solution solve all problems.

One thing that most professional janitorial companies do, is to be sure that all telephone mouthpieces, earpieces, headphones, computer-mouse are gently wiped down, or sprayed with an effective sanitizing solution.

Lastly, the cleaning of office pictures, frames and bookshelves are often over looked, and it’s important that they be dusted regularly. Finishing, all trash must be emptied and removed from the premises, carpets thoroughly vacuumed, and all hard surfaced floors both dusted and mopped, again with a high grade commercial neutral cleaning solution.

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