Choosing a janitorial service

Choosing a janitorial service that provides great service at an affordable price, is pretty much the goal of every business, and property manager; unfortunately, sometimes the task can be overwhelming.   The bottom line is that the reason that over 50% of all new commercial cleaning (janitorial) contracts are terminated within the first year is because someone promised more service than they could actually deliver for the price; in the janitorial business there’s always someone who wants to “low ball” a price, just to get the business.  Simply, it’s almost always a case of someone overselling a service where the majority of the cost is the cost of labor itself, and labor is over worked, or under paid, service always suffers.

The truth is, the true objective of a business owner, or property manager, is to get the best possible janitorial value, with reliable, uncompromising quality, so let’s examine some potential commercial cleaning service criteria, that might be helpful in selecting a janitorial service that best fits your needs.

1. Ask for a “Customized Proposal”:

Most business owners will keep their cards close to the vest, and not disclose a janitorial budget to potential vendors, and of course that is their right.  If you really think about it, however, a more effective approach might be to first show a perspective cleaning company your facilities, outline your needs and then tell them your budget, and ask them to prepare a proposal that give you the most possible services for the money. By do this, you can now compare the actual services offered for the money, and you can more accurately see what the real cleaning costs should be.  If more services are offered, than you feel you need, then cut them out and ask for a revised reduced price proposal.  By getting proposals in this fashion, you’re still getting competitive proposals, but they will be more accurate in determining the actual services received.  Most often we see requests for proposals that outline the specific services desired, in hopes of getting the lowest price; unfortunately this process just seems to invite some contractors to “low ball”, and they of course end up providing less service than desired, hence the large turn over in the industry.  Look for a good balance of service and value based upon your budget.

2. Ask for References:

Follow up on references and ask if they are satisfied with the service. Have there been issues that were not handled promptly?

3. Hidden Contract Items


It’s an old story in the commercial cleaning business, contractors often write some very hard to cancel contracts.  You’re the customer, and you should have the right to cancel at anytime that the service falls below your desired standard, or for any other reason, for that matter; and, you should be able to terminate it with out a hassle, or having to “jump through hoops”.

At SolSource Property Services (, we will offer you the best possible service for the money, we’ll do it with a “cancel anytime agreement, and we’ll even offer you a “money back guarantee: give us a call 480-269-9550, you’ll be glad you did.


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Janitorial Cleaning Website

We are proud of our newest Janitorial , or commercial cleaning, website.  The new site is  Any feedback you may have is welcome.  Thanks.


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Welcome to SolSource’s New Website!

We just got a new website today. Check it out in your free time:

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