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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service in Phoenix

SolSource is Phoenix, Arizona's first choice for commercial janitorial cleaning services in the Phoenix metro area. Our commercial janitorial cleaning company offers all general janitorial cleaning services. We disinfect tables, phones, and chairs to keep offices in Phoenix clean and bacteria free. We dust, vacuum, and mop offices in Phoenix on regular maintenance programs. We are office cleaning specialists who take pride in every job regardless of its size. Call us today for a free quote! 480.269.9550

Janitorial cleaning services are essential to project a clean image for your business in today's competitive market. When a client enters your office building you want to make sure your restrooms and cubicles are clean and sanitized. A clean office says a lot about a company. That is why our commercial janitorial cleaning company provides daily, weekly, and bi-weekly maintenance programs that keep office buildings in Phoenix clean on the interior and exterior all year long. Call us today for a free janitorial cleaning quote!

Eco-Friendly Janitorial Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

SolSource - Environmentally friendly and EPA compliant commercial janitorial cleaning services in Phoenix, Arizona.

At SolSource we pride ourselves on commercial janitorial cleaning services that are environmentally friendly and EPA compliant. That is why we only use biodegradable and non-hazardous cleaning products when cleaning the interiors and exteriors of office buildings in Phoenix, AZ. Our eco-friendly approach sets us apart from our competitors in the Phoenix area. We recycle all used paper towels and are always searching for new green cleaning products that offer tremendous cleaning results.

We offer affordable janitorial and restroom cleaning services in Phoenix. Restrooms are important to keep clean on a daily basis. Statistics prove that clean restrooms can help increase sales in commercial office buildings. We clean restrooms, toilets, mirrors, showers, sinks and more! Call us today for a free restroom cleaning and sanitizing quote.

At SolSource we are a one-stop-shop for commercial janitorial cleaning services. We also offer trash removal services and trash can liner replacements. We vacuum and mop offices in Phoenix and remove all the trash before you or your employees show up in the morning for work. You focus on business and we will keep your property clean!

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